Solenoıd Actuators and Valves

Solenoid actuators are tools that are controlled electronically, allowing a movable piston in it to move forward or backward linearly. There are some standard ready products in the catalogs of international manufacturers. However, the most efficient versions of solenoid actuators occur when they are produced specifically for the system to be used. Our company has the ability to design, test and produce special solenoid actuators and valves for systems.

The solenoid actuator is shown on the side, using computer aided design (CAD) software. The coil is created by wrapping the insulated copper wire around the coil holder, which is a kind of plastic material. The coil is the main source of electromagnetic force. The piston is the moving part that moves with the effect of electromagnetic force. The sleeve holds all the parts together. The air gap determines the distance the piston can move.


It is necessary to determine the relationship between the design parameters of the solenoid actuator and the effects of the solenoid on the performance. The output of one subsystem creates the input of the other subsystem. For example, the current that is the output of the electrical subsystem is the input of the magnetic subsystem. Also, magnetic force, an output of the magnetic subsystem, is the input of the mechanical subsystem. In the solenoid actuator system, the voltage must first be defined as an input to obtain motion. When voltage is applied to the coil, it creates a time-varying current depending on the coil resistance and inductance. The input of the magnetic subsystem is current. The current that produces the magnetic force largely depends on the magnetic properties of the material used and the shape of the materials and the position of the piston. Thus, the variety and magnetic efficiency of the metals that can be selected for the solenoid actuator are increased. The mechanical subsystem is under the influence of three different forces: the spring force affecting the closing of the actuator, the magnetic force that causes the actuator’s triggered movement, and other external forces of the piston. The characteristics of the movement may change depending on these relationships.


There are many different uses in the industry, mostly used as valves. Valves are system components that control fluids such as liquid or gas. Solenoid valves can be used for a wide range of industrial applications, including general on-off control, calibration and test assemblies, pilot plant control loops, process control systems and a variety of original equipment manufacturer applications. Especially fuel injection, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), transmission control, speed sensitive steering system, airbag deployment etc. used in automotive applications.


Dipol Tech produces special solenoid solutions especially for washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators. For white goods manufacturers, cost and energy efficiency are of great importance in solenoid valves. With new generation industrial production methods and our correct design principle at once, we keep the costs at the optimum level in mass production. In addition, energy efficiency will increase in the valves used, as it can create coil driving signals specifically for the operation of manufactured solenoids.

Let’s design the solenoid you need

Instead of standard ready-to-use catalog products, we design and manufacture solenoid actuators FOR YOU, SPECIAL TO YOU AND FOR YOUR SYSTEM. We design the required custom solenoid actuators in most efficient way to produce economically according to operation time, the force and their travel times of the solenoid actuators.

Targeted Force and Stroke

With the engineering design of the components of the solenoid actuator, the force and stroke curve are designed according to your needs.

Environmental Conditions

In addition to the material selection, it can be supplied for the design that suits your needs that can work in temperature, pressure and hazardous environments. Especially for solenoid valves, materials should be selected in accordance with the chemical properties of the liquid or gas that is controlled.

Response and Movement Time

Dipol Tech optimizes all the criteria of your design in line with the target to achieve the required response time whether it’s slow or fast.

Dimensional Constraints

Solenoids are designed for you with special design techniques that will reduce your production and material costs while reducing the size.

Power Consumption

The solenoid coil designed specifically for your system will provide minimum power consumption for the features you need.


Designs can be made as you wish, in continuous open or closed, fast on-off or proportionally.

You can contact us for support from our expert engineers in solenoid actuator and valve design.





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