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As Dipol Technology, we bring together the specialist staff and cutting-edge techniques to offer our customers fast and high quality service to the world. We deliver all these services to our customers by closely following and using the latest technologies in the world. In this way, we meet the expectations of our customers by combining with the right software, production and test tools to increase the quality.

In product development services, we provide the desired services both within our organization and with our partners, with whom we have been working together for a long time. In this process, thanks to our 3D design, analysis and rapid prototyping services, we are able to keep the costs of the product development process at the optimum level with the capabilities provided by high technology by eliminating the high cost trials made with real products in the physical environment.

The most important qualities of product design and development works are; Besides meeting the visual and functional demands in the most appropriate way, it meets the important needs such as decreasing the production-manufacturing costs, reducing the production-manufacturing time, increasing the product quality and ensuring the predicted product life. Our service process with our customers is proceeding as follows.

To get more detailed information about our services and to benefit from our services, you can send an e-mail to info@dipolteknoloji.com.

  1. Examination of the customer’s requests
  2. Preparation of the proposal in accordance with the conditions of the project and submission to the customer
  3. Examination of competitors and similar systems
  4. Brainstorming with customers if needed
  5. Concept design studies
  6. Review of technical competencies, meeting with partners when needed for manufacturing
  7. Checking availibility of the customer ‘s own design standards
  8. Material selection according to design criteria
  9. Identification and supply of standard parts to be used in the design
  10. Modeling of the design with all the details in 3D in computer environment
  11. Structural, flow or heat analysis and design improvements if needed
  12. Making the assembly design and examining the compatibility of the parts
  13. Production / manufacturing and assembly after all stages are in virtual environment
  14. Mass production planning If the product to be produced

3D Engıneerıng (CAD) Desıgn

Considering the market and product requirements for our customers, 3D design of systems that are innovative, easy to produce and reflect the company line is made. While making these designs, we use the latest tools provided by the latest technology and the experience of years, by blending them at every stage. Dipol Teknoloji can realize one-stop turnkey projects for its customers with its infrastructure that can also make all detailed designs of the product to be placed on the market according to the demand of its customers. Our company carries out projects with its expertise and experience both by supporting its customers and undertaking the project completely.


Product Development


In today’s competitive environment, using the highest technology alone, designing the most useful product or selling it at the cheapest price is no longer enough to make a difference. The key to the success of your product or service is to blend all these features with a good design to ensure that your customers are in a quality that they specifically seek. The most harmonious balance of needs is provided by taking into account the usage conditions, number of production, cost and many other variables.

Manufacturıng and Prototype Actıvıtıes

The most appropriate manufacturing and prototyping activities are carried out for our customers. In many product development processes, problems are experienced in bringing ideas into real life. Our engineers who are experienced in the difficulties of manufacturing prototypes working before mass production meet the needs of our customers in this regard. It requires good engineering, supported by the right software and hardware, in order for ideas to be implemented correctly and soundly. We analyze all of your products designed by us or you, such as all joints, general construction and production, with our experienced engineering team. With dozens of partners we work with, we carry out all production processes with the highest precision using the most appropriate production tracks


fast Assembly Solutıons


Prototyping and functional testing, which are carried out as early as possible in the product development process, provide companies with great cost advantages. Our team of experts on mechanical and electronic systems offers the most suitable solutions for the products we design within our company or for all the mechanisms you will need in your projects. Following the design created by examining the purpose and functions of the system, dynamic motion simulations, overlap and friction analysis of the parts are detected and possible errors are detected before production and the most suitable working conditions of the mechanism are provided.

Reverse Engıneerıng

The reason we define this method as “Backward” is; It is the retrospective study of the product starting from the concept phase to reveal how, what purpose, what production methods and how it is made. Reverse Engineering (RE) method is used to create a new concept as well as to examine the existing products and to produce a better product for the same purpose with a different approach. Under Reverse Engineering, not only 3D scanning, but also CT Scan (computer tomography) can be applied. Thus, measurements and images can be taken without damaging the sample regarding the dimensions and working principles of the different parts inside the systems.


Sımulatıon and Analysıs Servıces


Competition in global market conditions forces designers and manufacturers to ‘make the right design first time’. Engineering and simulation studies that are performed without preparing a physical prototype using the flexibility of the virtual world, allows you to check and understand the performance of your product in digital environment. Thanks to this control and optimization made by our experienced engineers during the design phase, the desired design is achieved faster with less manufacturing costs. In this context, our analysis studies:

+ Electromagnetic (Time dependent and static)

+ Fluid and Heat Transfer Analysis

+ Vibration Analysis

+ Strength and Fatigue Analysis

OpenFOAM Consultancy Servıce

OpenFOAM is one of the most preferred CFD software. The scientific field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), also known as fluid simulation, concerns numerical analysis of liquid or gas flows or stress analysis in solids. In addition to flow analysis, our engineers can make separate analyzes for heat transfers by considering heat transfer, conduction and radiation. OpenFoam is also open source and free. Thus, it is an advantage for companies not to pay any licenses for this program.

It has many users in the field of research and production worldwide. Universities are used by companies engaged in research and development. It can work compatible with HPC. It can provide high performance when dissolved in parallel. The strongest part is that it can be modified on solvents and CAD models on demand. Our experienced engineers provide consultancy services to companies.


NVIDIA OPTIX Beam Tracking Engine Consultancy Servıce


NVIDIA OPTIX Beam Tracking Engine (NVIDIA OPTIX Ray Tracing Engine) is a plug-in developed to achieve optimum beam tracing performance in GPU. It provides a simple, recursive, and flexible computer graphic line to speed up beam tracking algorithms. We are able to support you in carrying the power of NVIDIA GPUs to your ray tracing applications with programmable beam generation, intersection and shading of beams.

We can realize its real-time solution and visualization in high quality for you, from the scene you want, from visuals to movies or scientific visualization.

Electronıc Cırcuıt Desıgn And Embedded Systems

Electronic circuit design, diagram drawing, PCB production and software with appropriate solutions for your problem can be done by our experienced engineers. Before switching to electronic circuit design by our expert engineers, the functionality of the algorithm or card is described in detail. After this stage, electronic circuit design is started and a list of necessary electronic components (BOM list) is formed.  The layout of the selected electronic components and the ways of connecting them to each other are performed. Embedded programming can be developed and implemented in desired situations.







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