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Dipol teknolojinin ofisi

Dipol Teknoloji means superior products, high quality, efficient processes and excellent results. The success of our company stems from achieving our goals with our stable work.  Company principles explain these values and goals. It also ensures their implementation within the company. It explains the approaches and criteria we will exhibit with the people and companies we work with in our movements. These principles are always binding for anyone involved in the company.

Our company was entitled to benefit from this support in the TÜBİTAK 1512 State Techno-Venture Capital Support Program (BIGG), among 4594 business ideas, and our company was officially established in May 2019 under the name “Dipol Technology and Engineering Inc.”.  Our company prepares software on the design of special production solenoid actuators within the scope of BIGG support.  The aim of our company is to research, develop, design and produce electromagnetic movement mechanisms (solenoid actuator, solenoid valve and electric motor) and systems in the world.

Our Prıncıples

The basic principle for all those who take an active role in the company is to work with our strength in good day and bad day. The principle we follow in all the activities we carry out; is to act in a fair, measured and confident manner. We want everyone we work with to be equally satisfied with us. It is our first priority to be a pioneering company in technical and organizational terms in all fields we work in, in all products and services we offer, within the framework of the worldwide standards. We are trying to reach the targets of continuous growth much higher than the average in the sectors we operate.


Our Employees


We see our employees as our greatest value; keeps development, motivation and commitment constant. We aim to make our employees feel that they are valuable in every opportunity and they are real architects of the successful performance of our company. Our understanding of first-class service and quality, which is monitored by the entire company, also applies to our employees. Workplace safety is extremely important to us. Thanks to our comprehensive training system, we encourage our employees to develop their personal and professional competencies throughout their lives. We respect freedom of thought and expression and view criticism as an opportunity. We treat each other with mutual respect

Our Management Styl

Basically, we focus on the future by acting with a human-oriented approach and with our understanding of sharing and managing the interests of all our stakeholders. We expect our managers to take the initiative, to be open and to trust themselves. The ability to manage is linked to personal and professional competencies. Management also means being able to create a driving force for innovations. Our executives ensure that employees are involved in the decision processes. Communication between managers and employees is carried out in the framework of courtesy, respect and trust. The behavior of our managers should be exemplary.


Culture of Gıvıng Back to Community


We believe that we have a social responsibility as a company. We believe in free democratic basic order, fair market economy and free competition. We respect the laws and cultures of the country in which we operate. We support innovative approaches and products that promote social development and benefit humanity in all our areas of work. We believe in equality of rights and reject any discrimination. We act in accordance with the principles of transparency, reliability and openness in our internal and external relations. In this way, we create trust. We also regard health and environmental protection activities as one of our lifeblood. For this reason, we use the best technologies in the relevant fields in order to minimize the harmful effects that may occur as a result of our economic activities.






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As Dipol Tech,  our aim is to research, develop, design and produce electromagnetic movement mechanisms (solenoid actuator, solenoid valve and electric motor) and systems in the world.

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